Cindy Liu is our immigration marketing coordinator and she heads our Beijing Office. Cindy has extensive experience in Canadian immigration law, particularly in the Provincial Nominee categories and Spousal Sponsorships. Prior to immigrating to Canada in 2002, Cindy worked for several years in the largest immigration law firm in China as an immigration officer.

While pursuing her second Master’s degree in Montréal, Cindy worked with Professor Nong Zhu at the Université du Québec à Montréal and one of the working papers she co-authored with Dr. Zhu, ‘Discrimination in employment, income and economic integration of immigrants’ was published by the Metropolis Project.

Cindy’s work as an immigration coordinator with the Town of Smiths Falls, Ontario, allowed Cindy to develop invaluable contacts with senior government officials. Cindy represented the Town of Smiths Falls at Niagara Falls conference, at Kingston immigration forum, and at Ottawa trade show; met with senior officials from the Chinese Embassy in Ottawa and hosted the Chinese delegation during the negotiation and signing of the “Sister City Agreement” between Xiangfan City, China and the Town of Smiths Falls; and published seven articles in Chinese-language newspapers and gave one 30 minutes televised interview to Xinhua News Agency in Toronto on topics of integration services and adaptation challenges encountered by immigrants.

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